N.I.C.A.M. was founded in March 2016, initially as a campaign for equal access to treatments for cancer patients in Northern Ireland that were unavailable here but available in other parts of the U.K. 

Since then equal access and advocating for the rights and interests of cancer has remained one of our core aims but we now also provide services and assistance to patients with an incurable diagnosis and anyone who has been denied access to a treatment by individual funding request. 

Cancer patients are vital members of our society and we want to see them receive the respect and help they deserve by breaking down the stigma around cancer and promoting the rights of cancer patients.

Our founder Melanie Kennedy has been living with Stage 4 incurable breast cancer for more than five years and in that time fought for equal access to treatments and has worked with many other agencies to bring about change, especially for cancer patients in Northern Ireland who are currently subject to a postcode lottery.

Melanie’s victory as NHS to fund treatment: Cancer drug will now be available for free in NI

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